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Our Mission:

UNCHAINED is a faith-Based organization dedicated to empowering returning citizens to strive for personal transformation and re-entry success through family reunification, accountability and right decision making;  proactively preventing recidivism. UNCHAINED was established to provide a safe place for ex- offenders and their loved ones to discuss the challenges as well as the emotional and financial strain due to incarceration.  

As of 2017, 1 in 3 adults (70 millions Americans) have a criminal record. More than 640,000 people are released from prison each week. At least 75% are still unemployed after a year of release. Employment plays a  major role in a successful re-entry. It is important for returning citizens to get a second chance at starting their life. It is equally important that family members of those incarcerated or formerly incarcerated be apart of this positive change.

Providing them with a fair chance is important. I will share with you the tools that I used and how my family played an important part in my current success. My victim mentality gave me the drive in a direction that was counterproductive to where I desired to go. 

I was determined to change my "Stinkin thinkin!" Growth came when I realized who I was in Christ. When I understood the calling on life I shared my testimony and suddenly FREEDOM hit me. My fear and shame was no longer taking control of my mind. I wanted to share more and see others free physically and emotionally from imprisonment. It doesn't matter how much time you have done, becoming institutionalized is possible because you learn to conform to your environment to avoid confrontation and depression.  That's a word not only for someone incarcerated but for someone who is dealing with personal imprisonment. 

I will share real life stories with you that led to my healing and success. If you want to know more and desire to make a change in your life, Connect with me today!

Our Services

Community Support Groups
UNCHAINED support groups provide a safe place for families and loved ones to come together and discuss the challenges faced when incarcerated and how to overcome them. All groups are free and open to the public.

Assistance (Care Packages)
UNCHAINED will provide a 1(one) time care package for those in need. The care packages may include but are not limited to: Soap, deodorant, toothbrush, tooth paste, laundry detergent. (7 pods), comb/ brush, shampoo & conditioner and razor. Ladies will receive feminine hygiene products.

Clothing Assistance
Clothing items are available on a first come first serve basis when donations are available.

One on One Mentors
Volunteers are in place to provide the one on one support that some returning citizens need. There is an application process for this to ensure you are partnered with a mentor that is the best fit for your reentry success goals.

Additional Assistance
UNCHAINED may be able to assist with obtaining identification items such as ID cards, SS cards and Birth Certificates. 

You're Almost There, Don't give up!

It's so easy to give up when you're in a race you seem to be running by yourself. I wanted to quit, Application after application and not one phone call. Friends and family seem as though your favors have run out. It feels as though no one understands what you are going through. Stress & worry have become a way of life. But NOW is the time to get to work. I have a spent years facing opposition after my incarceration. It seemed impossible to dig myself out of the hole that kept filling with dirt after I had spent hours, days, months, even years trying to pull myself out of. I want to show you how you keep fighting in the midst of a storm. I have personally experienced successful reentry and I would like to share my methods with you! Contact me today for more information on how you turn your I can't into I CAN!

Be Blessed