Accept yourself, Unscripted & Unapologetically "When you're no longer a prisoner of your past, you can then be free!

I think the hardest thing for me was loosing a child as a result of a domestic situation. To give birth to a child that you would not be taking home leaves you feeling empty and in many ways responsible. Why didn't I just leave? Why wasn't the first fight enough to make me walk away?

Transformed Beauty

Women's Bible Study Group

Transformed Beauty is a sisterhood of women clothed in righteousness, covered by the blood and filled with His spirit. To encourage, equip and empower one another to grow in their relationship with Christ and use their spiritual gifts to serve and reach others for the uplifting of the Kingdom.
We have monthly groups open to women who seek deliverance and healing in every area of their lives. With discussion such as; domestic violence, Unforgiveness, sexual abuse, and emotional dependency.
God had given me a testimony not only for myself but for other women who have endured the pain of failed relationships, abuse and abandonment
We are women who stand firm on the word of God and believe in His truth. 

For God is within her she shall not be moved. Psalm 46:5

There is never a plan of action when leaving your children and family to face a prison sentence. The abrupt transition for them is equivalent to abandonment in their young minds. Many times there is instability, anger, bitterness and pain. How do you rebuild when the heart has been broken? Healing is a painful but necessary process. Once you're released its important to not only embrace your physical freedom but embrace the journey to emotional freedom. Contact me to find out more information about our free and confidential sessions while transitioning back into society. These groups are for men and women.


Ex- Offender  & Family Support Group

Prison is never the end result that anyone would desire. But when this happens what do you do? How do you "bounce back" from incarceration? Being incarcerated can reveal many hidden emotions. Inside/ Out is a platform where men and women who have been incarcerated can share their feelings about what it was like on the inside and the changes that they desire to make to stay out.

Recidivism is not only damaging to the individual but to the family as well. Recidivism is the relapse in the criminal behavior. How did we get there in the first place? We will discuss the underlying issues that lead to imprisonment and implement a behavior in our daily lives that will keep you free. Statistics show 67.8% of released offenders find themselves back on the inside within 3 years and 76.6% in 5 years. The numbers can change and so can you! If you would like to know when and where these groups will be held send an email to be added to our email contacts and receive the latest news and updates of upcoming events.