Speaking to Inspire

Imagine what we could accomplish if we spent less time worrying about what people thought- or if we never had to worry about failing? Far too often do we give up on the things we want because of internal barriers. How our past keeps us in bondage and unable to live a life of freedom because of  anger, pain and unforgiveness we hold inside.

My name is Evangelist Ramona Stillwagon, Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse Survivor/Inspirational Speaker and Re-Entry Success Advocate for Ex-Offenders and their families.  My desire is to captivate and empower you to embrace a life of transformation through the word of God.  

I will share my seasons of failures  & personal successes as well as how I maintained power in the difficult times of healing and finding forgiveness for my abusers and most importantly myself. 

 I am the founder of UNCHAINED. A re-entry and family reunification success organization where I help families and individuals through the process of rebuilding their lives after incarceration by sharing the tools that I used to re-enter successfully and obtain freedom unapologetically and live the life you love. 

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Topics of Power & Inspiration

  Domestic Violence     Depression/Suicide

  Miscarriage               Relationships

  Incarceration             Childhood Sexual Abuse

 Teen Pregnancy           Women's Empowerment