My Pain, His Process, 
His Promise  

~My Perfect Imperfections~
Welcome to My story
How do you become what you have never seen? 
Do you find it hard to receive love because you have no idea what it looks like? Did you grow up in an unhealthily environment and have a hard time implementing this lifestyle in your current family dynamic? This was me. I tried to be everything that I wanted to be, but I had no idea how to get there.  I was hurt and ashamed. I felt like there was no reason for living. In my mind I was already defeated. For several years I maintained the same mindset that went from one unhealthy relationship to the next and a marriage that lasted all of 6 months. I was attracting who I was but not who I wanted to be. When I was transported to receiving my life changed forever.  This physical imprisonment was now my home, however this emotional institution I had built within myself was now all consuming.  This leads me to the question How do you find freedom behind bars? 
It's possible! Discover how God turned my victim mentality into VICTORY. I faced all of my shame, guilt and past  filled with incarceration as well as a victim of physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse. My desire is to encourage you as I share openly about my experiences and  how I discovered healing in the process.
 I found freedom in sharing my testimony with others with hopes that they will rediscover their Beauty for Ashes. I learned how to forgive my abusers and restore right relationships with those who would be healthy on the path that God was preparing for me and how to unapologetically move on from those who were not. 

Want to hear more of my story?

I would love to share my powerful story of inspiration of how I overcame abuse,the loss of an unborn child, depression, divorce and incarceration with your group, church or organization. Be empowered by my story of diligence and strength to go from a laborer on the temp. clean up crew of a construction company to the only African American Female Construction Superintendent in the Tri- County area, going from homeless to homeowner, and the joy of living a life filled with emotional health and wellness through the word of God!

Thank you in advance, I look forward to inspiring you!


I look forward to embracing this journey of healing with you!