Your Future Lies On The Other Side Of The Door,You Must Be Brave Enough To Walk Through It!

 When they do time, we do time with them. We must be willing to open the door to change so the healing process can begin.

My name is Ramona Stillwagon, Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse Survivor/Inspirational  Speaker and Re-Entry Success Advocate for Ex-Offenders. I have overcome the challenges of physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse as well as incarceration. I have implemented certain steps in my daily life that have given me the opportunity to experience life successfully upon re-entry and live life after abuse. My desire is to share them with you. I am the founder of UNCHAINED. A re-entry and family reunification success organization.

I help families and individuals through the process of rebuilding their lives after incarceration by sharing the tools that I used to re-enter successfully and obtain freedom living the life I once could only dream of!

How can I help your family today? 

Find Freedom Facing Your Fears,Overcoming Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse & Shame of Past Life Experiences. Let me inspire you!

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