Family Reunification

Watch this inspiring video on how curiosity can change the entire trajectory of your life!

He decided that there will be nothing to stand in his way once he signed up and has not looked back yet! Sometimes a second chance is all you need to get your life back on track. 

Every moment is a fresh beginning, In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. No matter what it looks like there is a chance to succeed. 

Recidivism refers to a persons relapse into criminal behavior resulting in rearrest. I will share the tools I used to re-enter successfully after incarceration. We hold 6 week Success Groups to prepare you for a successful reentry into the community.  We lay out the foundation and it's up to the participant(s) to put in the work. 

Your donation will provide one or more of the following items: Deposit and/or first weeks rent to a transitional home, transportation to medical/ dental appointments, interviews, employment, clothing, food, personal hygiene items and assistance with obtaining items required for identification, Drivers License and Birth Certificate that will be needed for employment. 

Thank you for your support!