Motivational Speaker & Re-Entry Success Advocate 

"It was when I met a Savior who mended my broken heart and comforted my soul, I surrendered my life to Him and that was when my life changed." ~Ramona Stillwagon

My name is Ramona Stillwagon, Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse Survivor/Inspirational & Motivational Speaker and Re-Entry Success Advocate for Ex-Offenders. I have overcome the challenges of physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse as well as incarceration. I have implemented certain steps in my daily life that have given me the opportunity to experience life successfully upon re-entry and live life after abuse. My desire is to share them with you. I am the founder of UNCHAINED and the Leader of the Women's Ministry Group Transformed Beauty of Agape Love Fellowship Church.

I knew that at any given moment my life was capable of being turned upside down just like the next man/woman, but in the back of my mind I also felt like I had it all together. I felt that I could always hide behind a fake smile and a well put together package. I was carrying so much hurt, guilt and shame inside of me for so long I conditioned my mind to believe that I had become immune to this life.  I was the queen of camouflage! Until my truth was revealed and I saw my entire life change right before my eyes. 
Even as young children trauma visits us in so many different ways, rather it be physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse it is a emotional scar that seems to damage us in so many ways and tends to resurface in our daily lives when we do not properly heal.  Many of us who do not properly heal find ourselves in the criminal justice system for one thing or another. What do I mean by that? What I mean is that there are thousands even millions of people incarcerated that have suffered or is currently suffering some form of abuse.  Many have committed crimes based on the level of abuse they have faced. 

UNCHAINED is an organization formed for those who have experienced incarceration or a loved one is currently incarcerated or maybe you're  experiencing incarceration through a loved one. I encourage you to connect with me today. You do not have to travel this road alone. I want to share with you the tools that I used to bring me to a place of peace in my life and the areas that I am positioned in. 
Discover the success of becoming a leader and not a follower, a lender and not a borrower and how God gave me beauty for all of my ashes. 

Transformed Beauty is a safe place where women can go and allow the love of God to embrace them at their most vulnerable times in their lives. We are a group of women who find time to live life, laugh and love as we discuss way to overcome life's daily challenges through the word of God. We engage in conversations of emotional health and wellness as well as steps to enjoy healthy living and relationships. 

Its not by chance that you are here at this time in this place, Make the most of this opportunity to face your fears and overcome your challenges. There is purpose in your pain. 

Relax in this moment of peace in your life. Create an atmosphere of mental sobriety. Detoxing from anything toxic and accepting only Good Vibes!

Find Freedom Facing Your Fears,Overcoming Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse & Shame of Past Life Experiences.

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